XML mapping

Hi every body
I use Delphi (2006) for many years and just begin with Delphi generation v10.4.
huge jump.

I used DBE and SQL for a long time for data working.

For a new application and I have to use XML database.

After have defined a reference structure  and used it in a working space, I have to modify the structure of one of these XML tables.
I read and reread thedocumentation for using XML Mapping to realise a datapacked, I cannot manage to do it.

How to use efficiently  the tool XML mapping ? Never give up we used to say, but after 5 hours I beg help to jump the river.

  • Use System.Xml.Linq assembly as the fast method or xml type. This topic is much broader than the usual discussion and requires study and practice.

    $xml = [xml]::new()
    Parsing $xml object model
    Editing $xml object data