Need help working with sub objects after pulling multiselect fields from Access. The field value only says System.__ComObject. Any help is appreciated. More description in the stack overflow post.

I am using powershell to work with data pulled from an access database, but I am having trouble pulling the data out of a multi-select field. The multiselect field can be 1 to many text items.

When I try to get the value of that field it just returns System.__ComObject. I've tried many things but I can't pull the values out of that field/object. $rs.Fields.Items("something").Value works for all the others fields (regular strings) I'm trying to extract. Ultimately, I'm trying to loop or foreach through them to add to a json object.

I've learned that it may be a ComObject with RCW. 

$rs.Fields.Items("Tactics").Value | Select-Object *