DCIM Dell list - extact data

Hi guys !
I found this DELL script online to connect to IDRAC and extract information.
Here only some information is extracted, I would like to extract many others such as the state of the disks etc ... but I cannot find the list of DCIM, in the specific I understood that it would be enough to change DCIM_CPUView with another specific name, the question is which !?

Does anyone have any ideas? 

$ CPU = Get-CimInstance -CimSession $ session -ResourceUri "">schemas.dell.com/.../DCIM_CPUView";
#Enter the iDRAC IP Address

$IPaddress=Read-Host -Prompt "Enter the iDRAC IP Address"

#Enter the iDRAC Username

$Username=Read-Host -Prompt "Enter the iDRAC Username"

#Setup the CIM Session and Options

$Cimop=New-CimSessionOption -SkipCACheck -SkipCNCheck -SkipRevocationCheck -Encoding Utf8 -UseSsl

$Session=New-CimSession -Authentication Basic -Credential $Username -ComputerName $IPAddress -Port 443 -SessionOption $Cimop

#Retrieve & Store an instance of System,CPU,Memory,NIC,Fan,iDRAC Views

Write-Host #blank line

$System=Get-CimInstance -CimSession $session -ResourceUri "">schemas.dell.com/.../DCIM_SystemView"

$CPU=Get-CimInstance -CimSession $session -ResourceUri "">schemas.dell.com/.../DCIM_CPUView"

$Memory=Get-CimInstance -CimSession $session -ResourceUri "">schemas.dell.com/.../DCIM_MemoryView"

$NIC=Get-CimInstance -CimSession $session -ResourceUri "">schemas.dell.com/.../DCIM_NICView"

$Fans=Get-CimInstance -CimSession $session -ResourceUri "">schemas.dell.com/.../DCIM_FanView"

$iDRAC=Get-CimInstance -CimSession $session -ResourceUri "">schemas.dell.com/.../DCIM_iDRACCARDView"

#Store service tag & model and create a file



$File = New-Item -ItemType file -Name "$Svctag-$Model.txt" -Force

#Function for HW property output

function GetOutput


Write-Host "System Information: " -ForegroundColor Green; $System | Select Manufacturer,Model,BIOSVersionString,ServiceTag | fl

Write-Host "CPU Information: " -ForegroundColor Green; $CPU | Select FQDD,Manufacturer,MaxClockSpeed,NumberOfProcessorCores | fl

Write-Host "Memory Information: " -ForegroundColor Green; $Memory | Select FQDD, Manufacturer,Size,Speed | fl

Write-Host "NIC Information: " -ForegroundColor Green; $NIC | Select FQDD,ProductName | fl

Write-Host "Fan RPM Information: " -ForegroundColor Green; $Fans | Select FQDD,CurrentReading | fl

Write-Host "iDRAC Information: " -ForegroundColor Green; $iDRAC | Select FirmwareVersion,Model,PermanentMACAddress | fl


#Send output to the console and to the Svctag-Model.txt file

GetOutput | Tee-Object -FilePath $File