PowershellPlus freeze when i try file operation (open, save , etc)


When i try to open file.ps1 in powershellPlus, i have a x stretched appear at the top of the  screen and powershellPlus freeze. I lost the control . The only thing i can do is ctrl-alt-del and close trhe application. The problem wis new since few week

thank your for your help 

My pc is 

Windows 10 1809 

12 Go 

Xeon  cpu E5-1620 @ 3.60Ghz 

  • This sounds like a PSPlus specific issue. I've not used PSPlus in years and do not have it installed, so no way to validate. If such things continue, it may be time to uninstall / reboot and reinstall PSPlus. Also, environmental changes (including upgrades / patches, etc.) can impact tools. Several Windwos updates even impact the built-in PowerShell ISE feature set use and that required a patch.

    So, if you have OS checkpoints enabled, restore back to a date where it was working and see if things are fine, then if you did upgrades/patches, do those again, and retest.

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