Is there a way to simulate Windows client computers processing multiple Group Policies (load) using PowerShell


can someone please help me with the following, 

I have an Active Directory LAB (restore of production but in the LAB) which lots of users, groups, computers, GPOs etc... (e.g. the usual AD domain)

I want ti run a script that will put load on the domain controller (already written code to do LDAP searches etc), but this time I want to emulate lots of clients (e.g. computers and users) pulling down GPOs from the domain controller. The GPOs will already e setup in the domain

Any ideas please

Thanks very much


  • Remember GPO are pulls, the computer logon which is tied its AD identity on power on for the PC and logon for the user, then are pushes base on policy change and replication schedule. Your best option is to use a virtual environment that users PowerShell to auto create many VM Guests and boot them up and logging in with test accounts created for those guests. You cannot use PowerShell by itself to simulate multiple PC / Users boot and logon events.