Removing crlf characters

I have a script to pull data from Active Directory. The attribute field called streetaddress will possibly contain multiline data like:





I want to remove the crlf characters and end up with

Address1 Address2 Address3. I can do this in .NET very easily but not in powershell.

I tried using $tempaddress.replace(char[10],"") or $tempaddress.replace(char(10),"", etc but it throws exceptions.

In .net I used

Dim st2 As String = Replace(st, Chr(10), "")
st2 = Replace(st2, Chr(13), " ")




  • This should work:


    even this schould work:

    $lf = [char]10


  • Neither example resolves the problem.

    I get an error trying to use the char command as well.

    The term 'char[10]' is not recognized as a cmdlet, function.......

  • Please pay attention to the case.

    It's not char[10] but [char]10

    Types are always written in this way in Powershell.



  • I was actually using the correct syntax and mistyped it here. I think more in .net terms thsn powershell which I am still learning. Regular expression replacements did not work because it only read the string until the first crlf was encountered. Replacing [char]10 with nothing and [char]13 with a space solved the problem. Thanks for the help. I tried to reply last night but the site appeared to be offline.

  • Here's a quick line to do the same.


    Since the Address is a multilined string you can split the string at the newline char (`n in PoSh) and join it back to one string.