Import-CSV / Export-CSV with special characters / Bug?

Is there a way to make import/export-csv work with special characters? Try this:

cd $home
md öttö
dir | select-object Name | export-csv test.csv
import-csv test.csv

All special characters appear as "?".  


  • Hi Tobias,

    I have try this on german Windows Vista and it worked with german "Umlauten"

    dir | select-object Name | export-csv test.csv -Encoding unicode
    import-csv test.csv


    Best regards

  • Thanks, that's it. You can control Unicode encoding when you use Export-CSV. The problem occured with csv files in ANSI format generated by Excel. They show special characters correctly but when you import them via Import-CSV, special characters change.

    I still do not understand why special characters show correctly in ANSI csv files but get corrupted once imported via Import-CSV. The workaround seems to indeed be to make sure they are stored as unicode.



  • Great find! And perhaps for future reference, for Excel CSV files the workaround is to open up the .csv file in notepad and save it as unicode.

  • Hi to all,

    thank you very much for this information.

    Does someone know, which Charset Name (UTF-8, -16, ...) or ISO import-csv using?

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  • -Encoding<String>

    Specifies the type of character encoding that was used in the CSV file. Valid values are Unicode, UTF7, UTF8, ASCII, UTF32, BigEndianUnicode, Default, and OEM. The default is ASCII.

  • I've solved my problem..

    Set the "-Encoding UTF8" parameter on the import and export sideBig Smile:

    (Get-Content -Encoding UTF8 C:\Temp\ads.txt) | % {$_ -replace '"', ""} | out-file -Encoding UTF8 -FilePath C:\temp\ads_UTF8.csv -Force

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