Change font size in the current powershell window


I have a function i use to modify some perf counters on some of our servers and i've been able to modify everything i wanted to with the one exception of teh font size in the windows.

here is the code being used:

$vantagepools = (get-cspool | where {$ -like "*userserv*"}).fqdn
foreach ($poolname in $VantagePools){
$var = "ipmo -Name \\MyLapTop\share\LyncToolsBeta\LyncToolsBeta.psm1 -force; get-vantageconnectionsconstant -Vantagepool {0}" -f $poolname
start-process -filepath powershell -argumentlist ("-noexit -noprofile -nologo -command {0}" -f $var)

The above calls the following function once for each Skype For Business pool in the current environment and opens it in a new console window.

Function Get-VantageConnectionsConstant {
$Host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = "$vantagePool MSMQ state"
$a = (Get-Host).UI.RawUI
$b = $a.WindowSize
$b.Width = 70
$b.Height = 23
$a.WindowSize = $b

Function Get-VantageConnectionsInternal2 { 


while ($true){ Get-VantageConnectionsInternal2 | sort-object remoteservername | ft VTServerName,VTQueue,RemoteServerName,Connected,MessagesSent ; start-sleep -seconds 30 }


Everything works, but i simply cannot find anything that allows me to change the font size in the resultant window without doing clicky-clicky stuff which i hate.