Power Shell vs AutoIT

How does Power Shell compare to AutoIT in terms of:

1. functionality

2. complexity

3. learning curve

Currently my interest is for non-GUI functionality, especially for disk/folder/file management, PC maintenance, registry work, date/time, string maniputation, file I/O, interfacing with MS Office, interaction with external programs such as robocopy, access to and work on networked PCs and storage.

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  • AutoIT will do web-scraping, Excel to SAP GUI,  pretty much anything with a GUI to GUI interaction. Then it has common commands you can add to the Macro you recorded.   

    PowerShell or Python, will do the same thing;  Except you will need HEAVY Coding, and Some coding fundimentals,  and cannot drag/drop or use Screen Record to record a process and build the code for you.    with PowerShell you will need:  $SID, $Win32 wrapping,$FindWindow,$FindSession, among other more difficult things;

    AutoIT has a list of typical commands you can build a looping script like you are creating an excel Macro, then add to it.

    PowerShell is NOT a cross software Automation tool, it is not a GUI heavy IDE with recording ability.   

    Honestly people like me need a "Macro Command/Process Recorder" for the Windows Environment.
    And an IDE like VB to edit and add common commands. Example: open excel, move columns, copy, paste into browser, press search button, paste result into SAP, export SAP result to Excel, copy/paste to old excel sheet. etc...
    Even PowerShell cannot complete this example. as it uses browser button, SAP button/function, etc...
    But AUTO-IT can capture the whole thing. (Python can also do this but heavy coding needed).

    Later in time "AI" will integrate with the OS and do this. Examples can be found in the 'Data Wrangling' world of Data scientists merging 'big data' from many sources without the need for R-Script, Python, or VB.
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