CPU percentage

Hi, there are many ways we can get the current CPU % of the server, which one is recommended or easier , is it wmi,get-process or get-counter?, i want to see the current cpu usage as well as the top process which utilises the cpu more..

Get-WmiObject win32_processor |Measure-Object -property LoadPercentage -Average | Select Average  , i use this to select average and this

Get-WmiObject Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process | where-object{ $_.Name -ne "_Total" -and $_.Name -ne "Idle"} |   Sort-Object PercentProcessorTime -Descending | select -First 5 | select name,PercentProcessorTime

to select the top 5 , but is there a way of combining these 2 at the same time, kind of asynchronously and generate a table? or is there any other way of achieving this..

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