remove double quotes from >Csv file

what is best way to remove the double quotes from >Csv file

  • If you are saying, you are seeing this when using the *-Csv cmdlets, then this is by design. Those are column/field separators. It is what constitutes a properly formatted csv file. When you read that file back in, with an import, those do not show, but used to define the column shown. Please be sure to read the docs on *-csv, they have options to deal with this when using them.  

    If you are saying someone has sent/given you a csv, that already has these, then that is a properly formatted csv file, whit little reason to alter it, as again, when PowerShell reads that in, it needs them for proper parsing.

    Otherwise, if you really need to remove them, you can write code to do that, by simply using the normal regex replace / string replace effort and properly terminating the strings with them for removal. 

    Point of note. SItes like this will tell you, 'We are here to help, but you have to show us your code and any errors you are getting. You have to show your efforts, as sites like this are not a free code/script writing service'. Every once in a while, someone will, but it should not be an expectation or habit.