Converting xml to excel using powershell


How to convert xml file into excel using powershell.i have tried some codes upto my knowledge but iam not getting the correct output.

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  • Post your code, explain your errors, show what you expect as the end results, or you are just leaving people to guess.

    Use the XML cmldets to import and parse the XML, download ad use one of the many XML modules from the MS, directly accessible form your PowerShell instance. XML and JSON are first class objects in PowerShell.

    Find-Module -Name '*xml*'| ft -a

    Version     Name                                   Repository Description                                                                      
    -------     ----                                   ---------- -----------                                                                      
    7.0         Xml                                    PSGallery  A module providing converters ...     Power-XML                              PSGallery  Scripts to Build XML files                                                       XmlRpc                                 PSGallery  Module to interact with XML-RPC ...
    1.0         cEPRSXml                               PSGallery  cEPRSXml Module helps in managi...
    0.0.1       XmlContentDsc                          PSGallery  Module with DSC Resources fo...                          
    19.0.7052.0 XMLCmdlets                             PSGallery  CData Cmdlets for XML                                                            xXMLConfigFile                         PSGallery  This DSC module allows you to...   Pubxml                                 PSGallery  Manipulate publishing profi...                                   
    0.0.2       LimeSurvey-Xml                         PSGallery  PowerShell module for L...                                 
    1.0         HumanTechSolutions.PowerShell.XmlUtils PSGallery  Some common XML Utils                                                            
    0.9.4       XmlEx                                  PSGallery  The XmlEx module implements...
    1.0.4       PSWordXml                              PSGallery  Module for creating Word...                               
    1.2.3       ImportXmlToSql                         PSGallery  Import xml to sql                                                                
    0.0.2       PSXmlRpcClient                         PSGallery  PSXmlRpcClient is an ...

    Using XML and JSON files wiht PowerShell is a very common thing adn well documented.

    See examples:

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    And regulalry discussed...

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