ldapfilter with get-aduser

Hi i have a request like this :

Get-ADUser -properties name -LDAPfilter '(|(extensionAttribute15=A)(extensionAttribute15=B))(&(!memberof=CN=Listes1,OU=Listes de distribution,OU=Exchange,DC=domain,DC=EN)(!memberof=CN=Listes2,OU=Listes de distribution,OU=Exchange,DC=domain,DC=EN)(!memberof=CN=Listes3,OU=Listes de distribution,OU=Exchange,DC=domain,DC=EN)(!memberof=CN=Listes4,OU=Listes de distribution,OU=Exchange,DC=domain,DC=EN)(!memberof=CN=Listes5,OU=Listes de distribution,OU=Exchange,DC=domain,DC=EN)

I can't get all the result it's like i have a sort of limitation of the number of caracter in my filter. Is that true ?

If i limit my ldapfilter to three memberof it's works.

Can i reduce my command ? when i try (!memberof=CN=Listes4*) instead of (!memberof=CN=Listes4,OU=Listes de distribution,OU=Exchange,DC=domain,DC=EN) I have 0 result.