need to know how could I delete home directory of an user who is already left the company using powershell command, I have admin console access?


I have a task where I have to delete the home drive of the users who has left the company, Please kindly educated me with powershell commnad which could be used to deleted home drive of a specific person, I have required access like admin access on server and powershell.

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  • Please head over to youtube, and do a search on beginning Powershell, intermediate PowerShell, advanced Powershell.

    In order to first and foremost get ramped up on PowerShell, Never ever do destructive things in your environment, if you have never done it before.

    Never ever use anyone's code that you do not fully understand what it is doing. You can cause major issues/damage to your environment. Do a web search for your question, 'PowerShell user management', 'PowerShell user home directory'.

    Ideally, you should be using GPO via to remove user items on of delete of a user account.

    Home dirs are no different than any other dir when it comes to removal.

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