Can I add EmployeeID as a default attribute?

Making bulk changes, running any report or query using the EmployeeID attribute is PAINFULLY slow.

Can the EmployeeID attribute be added to the default attributes like SamAccountName and DisplayName, so that it is instantly searchable?

The organization I'm with uses their HR system as the "Source-Of-Truth" for all employee info, and they identify everyone by EmployeeID. When I get a request to change something in AD I get the EmployeeID and what to add/remove/change. I've asked for Last Name, First Name, Email Address too, but there are issues with those...

Poor Policies and Procedures for a decade+ means AD is a mess:

HR Name                 AD Name             SamAccountName
-----------------       -------------       --------------
Robert P. Jones         Bobby Jones         BPJones
Jane M. Smith           Missy Smith         MSmith4
Sarah R. Weaver         Becky Weaver        SWeaver
Lawrence H. James       Junior James        LHJames
Anushka Patel           Ann Patel           APatel
Carol Williams          Carol Smith         CSmith12

Name changes are not reflected in AD
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Only rarely is the actual office location entered....

The list just goes on...

But every report from every division, region, team, and department has the EmployeeID.

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  • 1 - ADDS has many attributes, and the only defaults are the ones the get populated when you use ADDS out of the box.

    2 - The attribute you are targeting is not one of those. There is nothing PowerShell on any programming language can to to fix this.

    3 - This is not a PowerShell issue, but an operational one relative to your ADDS deployment needs.

    So, unless you are using PowerShell to create all user accounts, which you can then populate any field/attribute you choose; you are looking at a raw ADDS user template config and cloning that template for new user accounts from that. So, again, it's a policy / design implementation not a programming one. Though you can use automation to help with this.

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