Updating user's Manager from CSV

Hi all,

I am currently trying to update the manager field from a CSV for our employees.

In my source CSV I have the following fields -

Emp Code Username Known As Name Surname First name Department Division Section Team Role Work Area Cost Centre Start Date End Date Manager ManagerEmpCode
83286 JZL James Light James Buildings & Properties Corporate Services Facilities Facilities Admin Officer Procurements & Tendering Facilities 22456001 17/06/2013 Paul Jones 84291

I have existing code where I am updating other fields within the CSV that is working fine.

# Import AD Module             
Import-Module ActiveDirectory            
# Import CSV into variable $userscsv            
#$userscsv = import-csv             
$users = Import-Csv -Path C:\Scripts\ADUPLOADtest2.csv            
# Loop through CSV and update users if the exist in CSV file            
foreach ($user in $users) {            
#Search in specified OU and Update existing attributes            
 Get-ADUser -Filter "SamAccountName -eq '$($user.Username)'" -Properties * |            
  Set-ADUser -employeeNumber $($user.'Emp Code'); -extensionAttribute4 $($user.'Cost Centre'); -title $($user.Role); -Department $($user.'Work Area') 

However I need assistance with linking and replacing the users manger with the one from the CSV.

I have the managers employee code and full name as shown above.

Any ideas?

Thank in advance