Can more than 64 workstations limit be overcome using Powershell

Using the user properties GUI - Account - Limit Logonworkstations, I can only add up to 64 workstations, which is the limit set by Microsoft. If using a script, can I add more using Powershell?  I have 120 workstations to add. Thank you.

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  • Microsoft KB938458: Error message when you try to add more than 64 logon workstations: "This property is limited to 64 values

    Status: This behavior is by design.

    Note You can change the rangeUpper value on the User-Workstations attribute in the schema to a value up to 8192 to allow more entries in the list. Microsoft does not recommend higher values as you might hit object size limits.

    See also:
    Assuming you are a member of Schema Admins, you can use ADSI Edit or PowerShell script should assign another value.

    For example:
    $Attr = [ADSI]"LDAP://cn=User-Workstations,cn=Schema,cn=Configuration,dc=MyDomain,dc=com"
    $Attr.rangeUpper = 2048

    The ADUC GUI assumes 16 characters per NetBIOS name, no matter how many you really have in the names. However this does not apply if you update the attribute in code. Still, even at 16 characters per name (and even this ignores the commas), Per the articles, you should not go higher than 8192.
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