Help with lots of statements in MONyog

Good afternoon I wonder if MONyog has any graph or report that shows how many STATEMENTS are executed in my database by filtering by a date or period? I need to do a brief sizing and the only thing I found was the amount in GB, MB and KB. I'm in Brazil, I do not speak fluent English, so sorry if there's anything wrong with writing. I count on your support!
  • Hi, You can enable the 'Statements' chart in the Dashboard. You can filter by the date and then export the chart using the 'Download chart' icon on the top-right of the respective chart. Please refer the documentation, here. You may refer the doc (at the bottom) for specifying the 'Unit' and the 'Unit Factor' to define the units, here. Please refer the image to edit the chart, here. Regards, Sibin
  • Sibin Can I just collect the statements by size (KB, MB, GB)? In MonYOG there is no place I can collect the amount of selects, inserts, updates and deletes executed?
  • Hi, Are you aware of the monitors where you can find the number of SELECTs, INSERTs, UPDATEs and DELETEs? You can find these monitors under the "Statements" monitor-group. Please note, the 'K'/'M'/'G' in the value doesn't denote the size in KB/MB/GB, rather they are for easy understanding. Regards, Sibin