Increase Wait Time When Establishing A New Sql Connection

I have a DB that take a few second to establish connection.

SQLyog terminate the connection attempt faster than then DB can respond; therefore, it's keep giving me the error Error No. 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server at 'handshake: wating for initial communication packet', system error: 138.

Is there a way I can extend the wait time for respond on the MySQLyog?

I am having the MySQLyog version 12.2.6.


Attachment show the error message.



Thank you,

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  • The SQLyog and the MySQL server I am connecting to are on 2 separate machines over the network.
    I already tried to extend the connect_timeout global variable to 60 seconds. However, the SQLyog version 12 is still generating the same connection fail message after the same amount of time.
    Interestingly, the connection could be establish successfully if I use an older version of SQLyog (version 8).

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