Modsecurity Causing Problems

ModSecurity causes an error when loading the program.


Same error when saving a sql dump of some tables.




I circumvent the problem by temporarily deactivating ModSecurity on the server.


What I'd like to know is if there's a setting that the hosting provider could be asked to change on ModSecurity to eliminate these error messages. It's a bit annoying to have to constantly turn this module on and off...



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  • Hi


    Have you tried mentioning the content type in the advanced section of HTTP connection? Please refer to our documentation here..>>


    It states that "With Apache and mod_security extension enabled in Apache configuration it may be necessary to use 'urlencode'." Please try and use "urlencode" HTTP content type and check if the problem still persists.





    I am using 8.82 Ultimate and am set to 'urlencode'. However, it does not work unless I disable mod_security which is annoying as I have to constantly turn on and off. This used to work fine before.


    Any suggestions?

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