Web Application Transactions - Guidance

Has anyone been successful with the WAT service monitor under UIM 7.8.2?  I could sure use a primer.  Some real world examples where it does and doesn't work.

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  • Hey Thomas!

    Well, first of all, browser wise it seems like Firefox which used to work has denied us, and IE is back to working with it again.

    That said, as far as what websites it does and doesn't work with... In 7.8.2 we added better handling of the user agent string in the header sent to the webserver you're monitoring so that we don't get blocked as a robot. You can select what browser you'd like to simulate using the user agent option in the service monitor. This is useful because some websites are advertised to require particular browsers and versions of them. For instance, some vendor software may only work with IE 8.0...

    Apart from that, there could still be some instances where your mileage may vary, but this latest release is a big jump from where we were in prior releases. Please share any of your experiences. As you're aware, we worked this last round of code based on the information you provided to us prior. If there are other sites you're having issues with, we can absolutely look into those for you.

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