404 Page not Found when running reports

I havent ran reports since upgrading to the lastest version, but when I try now, every report returns a 404 page.


Not Found

The requested URL /reportcache/03/msg034be7cf721698972e27dab7273b4ba8_2017-06-14.php was not found on this server.


Any ideas on where to start?

  • That's a new one for me... Take a look in your uptime program folder in the GUI subfolder, usually c:\program files\uptime software\uptime\GUI\reportcache\03\ and look for that file it mentions, msg034be7cf721698972e27dab7273b4ba8_2017-06-14.php

    If it is indeed not there, we need to check as to why that would be. Likely there is something in your log files.

    Have you opened a support case yet?
  • Na, figured I'd check here first.

    Report cache folder had the php file with this in it for a print to screen report

    <h3>Error generating report</h3><br/>
    <li>An error occurred while running this report. Verify the configuration for Uptime and try again.</li>

    and another folder had this from a pdf report.

    <h3>Error generating report</h3><br/>
    <li>Unable to generate PDF. Please try generating an HTML report or selecting fewer elements.</li>
    <li>C:\Program Files\uptime\GUI\xslt\slaSummary-fo.xslt (The system cannot find the path specified)</li>

    That path is missing
  • sounds almost as if there may be some permissions issue present. Go ahead and open up a support ticket. They will request a problem report and we can have a dig into your log files to see what is going on here. I haven't seen this after an upgrade before, but what version were you coming from and moving to?