Comparing a Azure SQL table with Oracle 11g

I have 2 DBs that I need to compare a record count for, Azure SQL table with Oracle 11g. I've considered writing a PS script that will connect to each DB and then compare the record count from the relevant table.

Could any let me know if this is possible in UpTime or if I would be faster to knock the script together?

Many Thanks


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  • Hey Mark.

    While we could connect to SQL and run a query and monitor the output, and we can connect to Oracle and do the same, we do not have a method of comparing the two returned values from the different monitors with each other. You could write your powershell script that does so, then turn around and use it as a custom script monitor and let uptime validate / record the results however. Also, you could write a plugin that could do whatever you like and alert and record of the values. Perhaps pulls each value (two separate metrics) and run whatever comparison you like (in the plugin code) and provide another verbose output we could alert on...

    Usually these things I take from the perspective of "what is my ideal end state"? If the goal is tracking the state and alerting on specific criteria, then letting uptime handle it is a great way to go. If it's just some occasional thing I want to know or check on but doesn't require automation, tracking, alerting, etc, then it may not make sense to put it into my monitoring regime. I usually fall in favor of the former approach, but maybe I'm a bit biased :)

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