Service monitor, test OK if no ping

Hello community,

I'm regarding about testing a machine supposed to stay close, based on ping monitor.

I tried to setup with no success. I changed critical options for both settings. I put one by one the setting but same result.


I don't understand because it's clearly the same result that I caught with my critical triggers, the only thing is possibly the decimal variation, I suspect 100.0 is not exactly the same as 100 or more believable, I think the ping is not going on triggers, because it's fail before, so this is why the caption give me a CRIT.

So if anyone have a solution, with a different test, I'm all open.



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  • Hi there.

    I completely understand your confusion here. This is a "special" service monitor. 100% loss is always considered critical. This service monitor was designed as the host check (checks if something is up or down) for most entities in Uptime. As such, the intention was that you may have some loss and some latency, but we wouldn't consider the device down. Also this is why there is the "Number to send" setting. By default we try to ping 5 times, if there is 100% loss, that is critical. When used as the host check, and it goes into a critical state, we stop monitoring everything else on the entity and those other service monitors that would normally run against it will go into an unknown state as a result.

    Are you just trying to alert on when the device comes online, or what is your intent for monitoring, perhaps I can help with a different solution?