Alert Profile Custom Formats


I was curious about the parameters / values that are available for use in custom formatted messages. Specifically, it would be nice if I could insert a variable that would allow me to show the name of the Alert Profile being used to send a notification. This would be helpful when using escalations – making it clear to the recipient at what escalation level they are receiving a notification from.

Just a thought.



  • Hi David,

    The list of custom alert variables is available at

    The name of the alert profile is not one of the included variables, so I'll pass that along to the product team for consideration in a future release.

    – Chris

  • Consider that an escalation level (step) is its own profile, you could just hard code that in the email building and or subject for that profile. I do think it would be good to include the alert counter (step) as a variable though. Action profiles can be used for alerting as well. I use them for putting application monitor alerts into our solutions engineering hipchat room. You can find a blog post about that I wrote here as well.

    Thanks for the feedback!