Rest Api Support For Up.time

I have found the documentation for API detailed here


I am curious of two things.


1.) Is this the latest documentation in reference to the Up.Time API? and


2.) Is there intention to enable more POST methods in the future for API abilities such as 

  •    Put Element into maintenance / take element out of maintenance 

  •    Put service monitor into maintenance / take service monitor out of maintenance


We are looking to automate patching, and part of the process would preferably be placing an element into maintenance mode in an automated fashion. 


Is there support for this in the API?

Is it on the road-map to incorporate features such as this in the future?

Are there any other means to perform autonomous functions such as this, other than pre-setting defined maintenance windows manually thru the interface?



  • Hello!  Yes, that is the documentation for the 7.5 up.time version.  We know that API enablement is important and are working on incrementally expanding the up.time API.  We first added the /monitors and /groups endpoints as a first step so that people could pull monitor status using the API, and then in 7.5 we added the /elements endpoint so you could pull metrics as well.  We intend to keep expanding the API; in the perfect world you would be able to do everything in the product via the API.


    We definitely value your feedback on what parts you want API’ed next (we have to add the functionality step by step). Being able to manipulate maintenance state through the API definitely sounds like something high value that multiple customers might use; you and other users should definitely feel free and chime in here with what you want put into the API sooner rather than later!



  • I know this is an old thread but has there been any change to this? I'd love to be able control maintenance through the api. 

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