SQL Workload Analysis - not loading data

Good morning!

I'm testing SQL Workload Analysis on 2 separate servers and I was forced to restart the services for it to gather data.  

I've been monitoring it for well into 20 minutes now and it's still "Collecting data for analysis" on all the blocks.

I'm on the current version and I have the "15M" block selected.

I've checked both servers I'm monitoring & both are "Collecting data for analysis".


Is there something wrong?  What should be done to get this to start populating?


Thank you!




UPDATE: I'm able to see data when I click on the "5D" button but nothing for "1D" or sooner.

  • Something is wrong as you collected previously but now it has stopped. You should contact Tech Support to help diagnose as the reasons that it might stop collecting are too complex to attempt here.

    You may have trouble storing the collected data and Tech Support can help clear that up if it is the case.