RUM - Real User Monitoring & Optimization

Precise can show the real end-user experience from "click to disk" aka RUM | Real User Monitoring.  Precise automatically injects (no code changes) a java script into the application page frame so that first byte and rendering time can be measured from within the user's browser.  No matter where in the world, the real end-user accesses your web site by typing in the URL into the browser's address bar. The web page comes down to their browser instrumented with Precise's script.  RUM measurement begins.  

This screen shows a variety of ways that Precise can capture the real user's sign-on ID.

Precise can capture the real user's location as defined by IP address range.  This will work when the web servers are behind a F5 Load Balancer.  

Performance by location shows if the problem is the underlying network infrastructure, one/all transaction(s), or one/all user(s).  Sometimes it is the way a real user is using the application.  This screen shows how to configure IP address capture.

This screen shows how to use the real user's IP address to group users into a location.

Please contact the Precise team at IDERA for more information.