New features for Precise

We are always looking for feedback from the community on new features and areas within the application we can improve. What new features would you like to see in Precise in an upcoming release?

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  • Ketan, this is excellent feedback.

    Several items that you mentioned are already on the radar such as moving away from relying on Active X in the UI and improving browser compatibility. We are already making progress on some architectural changes to make upgrades easier in the future. I will make sure we take into account the point you mentioned to preserve the registry settings as well. Enhancing the Oracle RAC support is also something we are looking ahead towards. You also mentioned improvements around capturing the client IP, and this is also something we are already working towards in one of the next releases.

    I will review all of the items you mentioned, and make sure we are addressing these in some capacity in our panning ahead for Precise. Thanks again for all of this detail. This really helps me make sure we are paying attention to what our customers are really looking for in the product.

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