New features for Precise

We are always looking for feedback from the community on new features and areas within the application we can improve. What new features would you like to see in Precise in an upcoming release?

  • 1. Improved support for Monitoring PeopleSoft Applications
    • Add support for monitoring PeopleSoft Integration Broker
    • Add support for monitoring long running batch jobs run using PeopleSoft Process Scheduler
    • Generate alerts based on number of concurrent uses connected to PeopleSoft APP. This will be nice to monitor the load.

    2. Add support for monitoring Disk Space usage on Precise Monitored servers.
    3. Add support for running Precise Focal Point server/Performance Warehouse Database in GMT and monitored instances in different time zones. Currently this only works by tweaking the registry settings. File transfer verification process do not understand the time zone difference and complain that file is not loaded.
    4. Add support for monitoring Oracle Active data guard instance. Currently there is no well documented installation process for installing the schema in the monitored ADG instance and there is no way to monitor Explain Plan, impacts of new index creation in ADG instance, as it writes to the same database that is only read only.
    5. Make client gui native HTML5/JQuery/CSS instead of relying on ActiveX control. This will allow the Client GUI to run on any modern browser
    that is HTML5 compliant which includes Chrome and FireFox. Currently I3 can only use IE 8, 9 and 10. And there is a lag for support for new IE browsers for e.g. IE 11 due to dependency on activex controls. Also you need to consider 32bit/64 bit environments and make transition to 64 bit if you continue to use Activex control.
    6. Develop a mobile client for e.g. iOS / Android / Windows Phone 8 native or html app.
    7. Create a way so that any i3 registry customizations can be preserved between upgrades. This will allow for smoother upgrades.
    8. Increase support for enterprise technologies for e.g. Oracle RAC cluster instance using Oracle ASM and EMC SAN. Currently they are supported but their implementation is buggy and requires lot of manual testing and applying patches.
    9. Allow logging to client IP accurately in all tiers and converting them to internal dns name. Use case: Client using citrix to access peoplesoft app. It is important to know which server machine was connecting to the app, as it required a registry entry to fix specific issue on each of the server. Currently only ip address is displayed and we need to manually convert it to DNS name.
    8. Provide specific tuning advice for long running Oracle SQL statements. Current Advice is not sufficient.
    9. Monitor Java Heap Size and generate alert when only 5 to 10% is left. Currently our weblogic server occasionally crashes due to unavailable Heap memory. Also it will be nice if a recommendation to correctly size the java heap.

  • Ketan, this is excellent feedback.

    Several items that you mentioned are already on the radar such as moving away from relying on Active X in the UI and improving browser compatibility. We are already making progress on some architectural changes to make upgrades easier in the future. I will make sure we take into account the point you mentioned to preserve the registry settings as well. Enhancing the Oracle RAC support is also something we are looking ahead towards. You also mentioned improvements around capturing the client IP, and this is also something we are already working towards in one of the next releases.

    I will review all of the items you mentioned, and make sure we are addressing these in some capacity in our panning ahead for Precise. Thanks again for all of this detail. This really helps me make sure we are paying attention to what our customers are really looking for in the product.