Trace File

I believe SQL Doctor uses server side Traces to get information (at least I think it does).
Is it possibly that the size of information it is trying to collect can cause the trace file to grow and “crash”.

I have 1 TB of data across server databases on a SQL 2012 Enterprise box. Every time I use SQL Doctor on it, I get a —

Trace ID ‘4’ was stopped because of an error. Cause: Stopping the trace because the current trace file is full and the rollover option is not specified.. Restart the trace after correcting the problem

Can the code be re-written to accommodate for growth and multiple files on this trace?

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  • It will be reviewed as an enhancement for a future SQL Doctor release. Sorry to be so wishy-washy, but we want to have a release that overhauls and updates all recommendations. So timing will be determined by when we can schedule the research effort.

    So depending on the timing and scope of that release, we may be able add it.

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