Trace File

I believe SQL Doctor uses server side Traces to get information (at least I think it does).
Is it possibly that the size of information it is trying to collect can cause the trace file to grow and “crash”.

I have 1 TB of data across server databases on a SQL 2012 Enterprise box. Every time I use SQL Doctor on it, I get a —

Trace ID ‘4’ was stopped because of an error. Cause: Stopping the trace because the current trace file is full and the rollover option is not specified.. Restart the trace after correcting the problem

Can the code be re-written to accommodate for growth and multiple files on this trace?

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  • OK, this was opened as an enhancement request SQL Doctor as it turns out.

    “The trace in SQL doctor is designed for use over a limited period of time, so it wasn’t originally configured to roll over. It’s sound like some environments are busy enough that that may be necessary. ”

    Are you using SQL Doctor with more than one instance? If you want you can shoot me contact information on e-mail and I can talk to you about some roadmap items that might interest you.

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