Alerting based on hostname

We are using Idera SQLDM for SQL Server Monitoring.

Is there any way to setup alert in SQLDM if connection comes from a new host name  or Application Name?

  • I want to point out that SQLDM isn't specifically designed for something like this. As such, there aren't any built-in features that would allow for this. I believe SQL Compliance Manager might be a better option here.

    With SQLDM, you could potentially create a custom counter based on a T-SQL script. You could potentially write a T-SQL script to find a count of sessions that are coming from a host that's not among the "safe" list and have SQLDM raise an alert based on the results. You can add a Custom Counter from Administration > Custom Counters. 

  • Information about session including session coming from which host and client application name, I can see tis inside Idera SQLDM tool but unable to find inside SQLdmRepository databases. Is there any way, I can het in which table I can find this information?

  • I'm not aware of a method to do that. This information seems to be stored in a binary blob. See this older discussion  Custom Query 

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