SQL Server Overall Baseline graph

I've been digging into the "Baseline Definition Visualizer" and can't really get what I am looking for.
I'm looking for an "Overall Health" of sql server baseline graph.  Not of just one metric.  It would be good to have a baseline graph of the following metrics all in one:
CPU Usage
Memory Usage
Network Usage

And what would be ideal is to be able to show this for not only the current time, but a specified time as well.  For example, how was the server acting between 3am-4am this morning?  We could look at this "Baseline" graph & determine at a quick glance if it was baseline "normal" or if it was high or even low.

I just came from a company that was using Quest Foglight and that software did that at a quick glance.  It was glorious!!  It would be great if IDERA's SQL Diagnostic manager could do this as well.  

If this is possible, how would it get set up?

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