Is there a way to setup an alert on scheduled log file backup if it fails?

Currently, I have used SQL Agent to perform a log backup every 15 minutes on a database in 'Full' backup mode.

The log backup process writes to a local drive, and also to a network drive in parallel.  It came to us that if the network drive becomes unavailable, the log backup process will just fail even the local drive destination is ok.

The failed message will only be found in the SQL error log, I wonder if I could configure SQL Diagnostic to send out an alert if it  happens.

Thank you.


  • SQL Diagnostic Manager does have a SQL Server Agent Error Log and SQL Server Error Log metric on which it can generate alerts on. If enabled, SQLDM will scan the error logs to see if there are any alerts that should be raised according to the severity or keywords/phrases that it finds.

    Note that these metrics have a max log file size setting. If the log file exceeds the specified size, then SQLDM will not try to scan the log file.