Server type randomly changes to Amazon RDS

It it just something with our installation, but we periodically find servers flagged as Critical due to low CPU credits.  When we check, the server type has changed from Windows to "Amazon RDS SQL Server".  These are servers that have been registered for a long time that suddenly have their types changed (not like a mistake setting up a new entry).  It's not the same servers each time, and I think it mostly happens to EC2 instances.

Is SQLdm detecting that they're AWS-based and making the changes or do I need to submit a bug report?

  • We have had SQLdm do that to us as well.  For us, SQLdm seems to screw up the server type from "Windows" to  "Amazon RDS SQL Server" when we make configuration changes through PowerShell.  For instance, when we set a maintenance window (through PowerShell), and then go into the GUI, right click on that server and choose properties, it shows the server type as "Amazon RDS SQL Server (RDS SQL)".

    I'm not sure what your situation is, but I think for us that I am going to have to open a support ticket.  We're on SQLdm 11.1