Report for most alerts in SQLDM

Hi guys,

  Is there a way to list in SQL Diagnostics Manager the alerts that occur most frequently on a server?

  • I can think of one way to do it.

    If you go to the Alerts view, you'll notice that there are some filters available. The one you'll want to use in this case is the date/time filter (the FROM and TO fields). You'll want to update these fields to the time period that you are interested in.

    You'll also want to add at least one extra column to the grid on this view. You can do this by right-clicking on any column header and selecting 'Column Chooser'. 

    On the window that appears, locate and select 'Metric' then click OK to save the changes.

    Next, you'll want to right-click on the newly added column and select 'Group by This Column'.

    Once the filters are applied and the results are grouped, you should be able to see a count next to all of the types of alerts.

    Another option would be to export the list of alerts to Excel and manipulate the data in Excel. 

    The last option that I can think of would be to manually query the repository database. This should be fairly easy given that all of the alerts are in the [Alerts] table.