"SQL Diagnostic Manager Service Status" metic

This has probably been asked before but I could not find anything doing a search.

When setting up Alert Responses, there is a prebuilt one called "SQL Diagnostic Manager Service Status". This response has the metric of the same name selected, but when I updated it to send emails to my configured SMTP account, I get nothing.

When I create a new Alert Response and configure everything the same but exclude the "SQL Diagnostic Manager Service Status" metric, the alerts get emailed as expected.

Why is this?

  • The "SQL Diagnostic Manager Service Status" is a metric that is meant to report on the status of the SQLdm Collection Service status. If everything is working as expected, then you should never see this alert response triggered.

    The second alert response that you created works as expected because it's been configured to alert on all metrics and not just the one (SQL Diagnostic Manager Service Status). 

    I hope that helps.