SMTP Actions

Is there a wiki or some document that I can use to help construct the messages that get emailed as an Alert Response?

For example, the initial is as follows:

Subject: SQLDM Alert ($(Severity)) - $(AlertSummary) on $(Instance)


$(Timestamp), $(Metric) on $(Instance) and host $(Hostname) is $(Severity).


I would like to see what else I can add in order to make the messages the most useful.

  • I'm not entirely sure what you are asking for. However, you should be able to update the subject and body of the email as you see fit. You can, additionally, leverage the usage of the built-in variables for the email as well. You can access those variables from the "arrow" icon on the far right of the screen.

    Note that you may have to experiment with some alerts to see what kind of data is provided with each one of these variables. Some metrics, for example, will not have any value for the "Database" variable. 

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