IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.6.1

Getting error on Idera Diagnostic Manager UI after upgrade to 10.6.1

An unhandled exception occurred while running the SQL Diagnostic Manager Desktop Client.
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. (mscorlib)
Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (SQLdmDesktopClient)

  • SimonDQ, 

    Unfortunately, the "Object reference..." error is a very generic error. As such, providing a specific solution from the error message alone will prove to be very difficult. Would you be able to provide more details? Such as, does the error appear when you first launch the desktop console or does it appear after waiting on a particular screen for a period of time? Does it happen only on certain views or does it happen on every view? 

    While I don't believe it to be related to this specific error message, I would perhaps suggest updating to 10.6.3 rather than 10.6.1 as the 10.6.3 version has many more bug fixes in it.

    I do, however, recommend opening a support ticket to look into the issue further. 

  • Oh, I am not informed about a new sub-update: we have I download the new version 10.6.3 and will update next week. Then I will try again. Thank you for telling me about 10.6.3. My Diagnostic Manager console had told me "You have the latest version".

    I downloaded SQLdm in the portal, but it was only, no version 10.6.3??!!!

  • I have upgraded to Now if I put some server in maintenance mode, because of updates of the sql server, stopping services for update etc., afterwards when I disable the maintenance mode, the mode isn't changed back to normal mode. I now have 4 servers mit maintenance mode and also reports of this server have no data. New version, new bugs....

  • Hi Heinrich!

    Out of curiosity, I went ahead and tried placing some of my monitored instances in and out of maintenance mode. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce this particular issue as my instance continues to create snapshots as expected.

    I suspect that there might be something else going on, that may still be related to the upgrade itself and perhaps not specifically related to maintenance mode. As such, I think the best thing to do is to go ahead and open a support case to look into the issue further.

  • Hi Tep,

    I have just 2 running support cases because of other bugs with the new version.

    I will wait until tomorrow, then I will look again: I have also booted the server with the SQLdm-services twice today, but no chance. The sql maintenance mode symbol is functioning but if I put my cursor over the servername it's showing maintenance mode. Also the alert table shows maintenance mode for the 4 servers. The dashboard with the other tabs etc. is showing data normally, but no alerts for the instances. It's really strange. I think I will make another support case tomorrow. Here it's end of working day now.
    It was a long day...have a nice evening. 

  • That's very interesting. When you get the case opened, let me know and I'll take a peek at the logs when they are uploaded. have a good evening!

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