Unhappy with 10.6 UI

We are very unhappy with the 10.6 UI. Is there a way to revert to the previous UI? The custom file menu (not using Windows standard) is frustrating and feels half finished. I would also like to bring back the sidebar navigation trees.

  • We just upgraded from 10.2.2 to 10.6 and I'm also underwhelmed by the new interface "features".

    The two big items for me are:
    1)  The current view isn't retained and there's no way to set a different default view.  For instance, I like alerts to be my default view.  I'll have alerts up, close the app, and when I start it back up I get the server tiles.
    2)  In the alerts view the left vertical panel is dedicated to filters and config items.  This is a big waste of space.  You set those options once and then forget about it.  In 10.2.2, you could be viewing alerts in the main screen and have the server tree view in the left panel.  This is useful and more pleasing to the eye.

    It's unfortunate to see the backward steps in the UI.  They may seem trivial, but it makes a difference in my experience with the tool.

  • I did inform Idera about that issue in April during Beta phase. Time to market seems to be more important than quality ...

  • It is fixed in Maintenance Pack 10.6.3 available through Tech Support.

  • I just applied DM 11.0 and don't see any of the things listed above for future releases:

    "Some of the things planned for future phases that came back from beta trials:

    • More Session Filter options
    • Dark Theme Option
    • Improved Alert Listing with ability to save filters for future usage
    • More dockable and undockable panels for multi-monitor displays
    • Scalable Fonts"

    I was particularly hoping for "More Session Filter options".  Can you give an update when some noticeable new features will be included?

    Some enhancements that I would like to see but aren't listed are:

    • Ability to filter the Sessions|Details to only show a specific database(s).  Ideally, I would like to be able to filter every column, but the database field is at the top of my list.
    • I would also like to see a Workload Group field added for the Session|Details columns.  (You can see what I mean if you go into SQL Server Management Studio | Activity Monitor and over to the right, in the Processes tab it shows a Workload Group column).  We use the Resource Governor feature of SQL Server and this field shows us the workloads that are using resources.
    • I would also like to be able to filter alerts based on what the Alert message says - for example, I have an Alert set up that sends me an email if blocking is occurring for longer than 4 minutes.  But one of the times that I get the message is when a Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) is being done. The Alert has the word "BACKUP" in it.  If I could filter out any blocking alert that has "BACKUP" in it, then I wouldn't get these "ignore-able" alerts.
  • Some of those will be in Version 11.1; others will continue to be added in future releases.  Please add your specific requests to the Feature Requests page at https://community.idera.com/database-tools/monitoring--performance/i/feature-requests