Unhappy with 10.6 UI

We are very unhappy with the 10.6 UI. Is there a way to revert to the previous UI? The custom file menu (not using Windows standard) is frustrating and feels half finished. I would also like to bring back the sidebar navigation trees.

  • DM 10.6 is the first phase of a User Experience modernization effort that will continue in future releases.  We did extensive user testing along the way to a new design and through several phases of development and beta testing with our UX team to try to make the experience more intuitive for new users and not just experienced DM users.

    We tried to maintain the basic flow of the old user interface, but with any UI change we expect experienced users to go through a slight learning curve at first.  Some of our beta customers reacted negatively to ANY change initially, but as they grew accustomed to the changes and gained experience they began to appreciate the improvements as well.  Newer beta customers tended to like the interface changes immediately., but all agreed the changes implemented after the beta feedback improved things greatly. 

    We do have some continued work to do on things like font size (where we were initially too large and then over-corrected a little) and to make the UI and fonts more scalable to the range of resolutions being used in various deployments.

    I would encourage all to give yourself a few weeks to get familiar before forming a hard opinion.  And if you would like to participate in future beta tests please give us your contact information to be added to the list for future trials.

    Some of the things planned for future phases that came back from beta trials:

    • More Session Filter options
    • Dark Theme Option
    • Improved Alert Listing with ability to save filters for future usage
    • More dockable and undockable panels for multi-monitor displays
    • Scalable Fonts

    Of course, log any bugs you find through Tech Support and those will be scheduled for Maintenance Packs.  We tried to hammer out as many bugs as we could, but I am sure some edge cases got through as they always will in software development. 

  • extensive testing...?
    On the dashboard the "SQL Memory Usage" overlaps the value so it is illegible.

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