Change Font Size SQLDM console

What is the best way to enlarge SQLDM console, application, text size. 
Switching monitors, some have a really tiny font size of 4 that can not be read. 

I've looked and even googled but no joy. 

  • 97 views, must mean people suffer with this.

    3 months old and no replies, not a very good response from IDERA... :-(

  • We are currently in a User Interface Modernization initiative and the latest release is the first phase of that effort.  

    Scalable fonts is something that is a larger effort and is scheduled for Phase 2 of the effort with plans and scope being finalized now.   I realize the font size is not great for large monitors but we also have to contend with customers needing compatibility with smaller Remote Terminal Windows, so it isn't enough to simply increase fonts across the board.

    We tried to find a good single font that would work for all, but it was always too big or too small depending on the environment and the user personal preference.  Scalable fonts is the answer, but that isn't as easy to implement as we would like. 

    Try DM 10.6 and let us know if you want to be involved in future beta trials as we start work on Phase 2.