Error upgrading SQLdm Dashboard

I am trying to upgrade the Idera Dashboard from version to but, when I run the installer it tells me the installation was unsuccessful, with no hint as to what to do about it.

Looking in C:\Program Files\Idera\Dashboard\WebApplication\log, there are three log files updated during the attempted installation. The first contains just three info messages, The second contains a number of error messages along the lines of:

2020-02-19 16:09:10 [http-bio-9291-exec-1] ERROR [AccessControlFilter] - Unable to get user information from Security Context. WebURL=login

It also contains a number of warning messages, such as:

2020-02-19 16:07:53 [main] WARN  [Log4jLogMsg] - {Messages.language-files-path-not-found}Language files path not found

2020-02-19 16:09:05 [http-bio-9291-exec-5] WARN  [ProductInstanceFilter] - Unable to figure out current product from the URL. Path=/login

2020-02-19 16:09:16 [http-bio-9291-exec-1] WARN  [CommonUtil] - Skipping truncation: Either src or pathToTruncate is empty / null Or length of SRC is less than pathTotruncate.

The third file contains another warning like the "Language files path not found" above, plus more information messages.

How do I resolve this?

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  • How are you upgrading the Dashboard? Usually, people tend to upgrade Dashboard while running the main installer for another product such as SQL Diagnostic Manager or SQL Safe. In that scenario, there should be some installation log files that are created (usually in the same directory from which the installer was executed from). It's the installation log files that you'll want to review, not the logs that you mentioned.