Error when trying to reinstall SQLdm Mobile & Newsfeed Service

I am moving the web piece of SQLdm Mobile & Newsfeed Service.   When trying to reinstall on the new web server, I am getting an error stating that the newsfeed service was already in use and connected to the previous web server.  The existing News Service will need to be uninstalled before continuing with a new installation.

At this point, I have uninstalled both the web piece from the web server AND the service that was installed on the SQLdm machine.   I have tried reinstalling multiple times but I can't figure out where or how the installation thinks it is still connected with another installation.  

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as Idera's level I support seems to take forever since it evidently has been shipped to India.  I end up with more and more tickets that have to get escalated.  


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