Can't Register SQLDM Product to IDERA DASHBOARD

Hei all,

My name is Wira and I am newbie for IDERA's product.

I just install SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.5 and register to Idera Dashboard. Previously, both of them running well in our environment, but yesterday there was an issue about user repository expired and I solved it.

After that my IDERA DASHBOARD can't show anything ('no data available') in dashboard. I decide to delete SQLDM porduct and try to register again to IDERA DASHBOARD, but always failed.

I don't have idea which field was wrong ?  I see the log file but didn't help.

Can any one help me ?

Thanks and regards.

- wira-

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  • I am not sure if this will help your problem, but version 10.5.1 went live yesterday for download.  You might try that upgrade first as it includes quite a bit of new bug fixes.   If you still have the problem, contact Tech Support to open a case.

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