Unable to monitor the following services: DTC, Full-text Search and SQL Server Agent

I upgraded to Idera SQL DM version 10.4 a month ago. Post upgrade, I was unable to monitor two of our SQL 2000 instances (one Prod and one QA). Contacted the technical support and they informed that it is a known issue and suggested to apply service pack 2 (10.4.2). After the upgrade, I am able to monitor the SQL 2000 instances as before. I have WMI issue with one of the server and hence selected OLE DB automation to collect the OS metrics. I could see the status of DTC, Full-text search and SQL Server Agent are marked as unable to monitor. I don't have this issue with the other SQL 2000 instance where OS metrics are collected using direct WMI. Both the instances are running SQL 2000 SP4 hosted on Windows Server 2003. I have not noticed this issue before the upgrade when the version of SQL DM was 10.0. Could you please let me know if there is anything I missed to configure or whether WMI should be working properly for these errors to go back. Thank you.