Using SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.1. We no longer have any support. Having issue with not getting disk space email Notification. However, i get other notification like database status when it's offline etc. Has anyone came across this problem for Disk space Notification? I read that disable and enable should work some time and i tried but no luck.I can see all alerts from the console for Disk space some reason when i try to configure notification i don't get them. Any idea or help would be appreciated! Thanks in Advance.

  • You'll need to make sure that you (1) create an Alert Response. By default, the Alert Response will only be triggered if the metric status has changed. So if your disk has been in a critical state for a long time, you won't see an email sent. To get around that, you'll want to (2) make sure your Alert response is configured with the "where metric severity has changed" option turned off. However, keep in mind that if you turn this off, you'll get an email each time that SQLDM refreshes the diagnostic data on your instance and the metric is in a warning/critical state.