Stacking Alerts and Scheduling Maintenance time

Hello All, 

I am very new to SQL Server Diagnostic Manager. We do not have the web portal installed yet, so I am using the desktop version. I just have 2 basic questions: 

1. Is there a way I can conditionally stack alerts. What I mean by that is say the Availability Group Estimated Data Loss alert. Is there a way to set that alert to send an email ONLY when another select alert is present. Just looking to represent a very basic AND conditional. If replica is delayed by 90 seconds AND alert x is true only then send the replica alert. I assume basic conditionals are supported I just do not know how and where to build them in the desktop version of SQL Diagnostic Manager. 

2. I would like to setup 2 schedules for production and non production patch days. I essentially 2 lists of servers where i want to disable 90% of the alerts on each of them on their respective patch day. In the desktop version how would i setup such a schedule. 

Thanks in advance for all the help, 


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  • 1. When configuring an alert response, make sure you use the Where all metrics are in specified list option. The all option basically means that the selected metrics will have the AND comparison as opposed to the where metric is in specified list which uses the OR comparison.

    2. I assume that you're trying to schedule the maintenance mode. Unfortunately, you can only configure a single schedule for maintenance mode. This maintenance mode schedule can be configured at the instance level, which means that each instance can have a different schedule. 

    If that doesn't work for what you are looking for, then you can leverage the SQLDM PowerShell snapin.
    You could schedule the PowerShell commands (to take a server in or out of maintenance mode) to be executed through some scheduler such as a SQL Server Agent job or a Windows Task.