SQL DM support for Azure SQL Database

I am using SQL DM and monitoring 9 on-prem instances in the production environment. Recently I added a Azure SQL database instance to SQL DM monitoring. The SQL login which I used to add this server to SQL DM is same as the login through which I login to the Azure SQL database. I have come across a blog showing the list of metrics monitored by SQL DM but it does not provide detailed information. I am able to see the databases present in the cloud but I am unable to view any table details. Also I am unable to view the session or query related details. The server status is showing as OK in the Desktop client and is critical in the SQL DM web console but I could not see any errors/alerts in the web console. Please let me know if there is anything missed or share me any prerequisites/document to add Azure SQL Database to Idera SQL DM. Thanks in advance.

The version Idera SQL DM is